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Hackman Suite 9.03

Hackman Suite 9.0 is a single installation for all hackman software
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Hackman Suite 9.0 is a single installation package containing all the necessary and powerful software developed by its company TechnoLogismiki. This hackman suite 9.0 consists of many components such as Hackman Hex Editor 9.0, Hackman Disassembler 9.0, Hackman Template Editor 9.0, Hackman Template File Editor 9.0 and the Hackman Calculator 9.0. It also contains some extra and useful plugins such as
Algorithm Editor v4.02, Script Editor v5.0, File filter, Shortcut editor, File Merger v6.0, Shredder, Split File, Plugin uninstaller and Version changer v3.05. A short introduction to the components of the Hackman Suite is given below.
Hackman Hex Editor 9.0 is a fast,powerful and light weight multi-module hex editing software which can handle unlimited file sizes and has read only access to other media, such as memory and hard disk drive.
Hackman Disassembler 9.0 is an ultra fast multi-processor disassembler having a flexible print engine to create professional reports, features great customization capabilities and a versatile and handy user interface.
Hackman Template Editor 9.0 is a fast generic purpose data analyzer which creates customized structures using data stored in files or in disks. The output is editable thus making editing databases, custom structured files and EEPROM files a very easy task.
Hackman Template File Editor 9.0 is a freeware utility that aims in accelerating and facilitating template creation and edit.
Hackman Calculator 9.0 is a versatile scientific calculator that can operate in any mode (decimal, hex, binary and octal) up to 1024 bits. It is able to perform both signed and unsigned operations.
It is necessary to install VISUAL BASIC RUNTIMES v6.0 sp6 prior to the installation of this package. Otherwise the suite may not work efficiently.

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